Exegetical Preaching

The heralding of God's word verse by verse, thought by thought.

Didactic Teaching

The bridging of truth from the whole council of God's Word.

Individual Service

Working together to aid each other's personal growth

Authentic Fellowship

Providing each other with personal experiences of God's work in our lives.

Truth-Based Worship

Worshipping God in spirit and truth and not forfeiting one for the other.

Compassionate Evangelism

Loving fellow sinners enough to reach out with the gospel.

Most Recent Sermon

Preached this past Sunday...

Most Recent Sermon Series

Expositing Ephesians

Starting at 6:30pm every Wednesday night we; spend time in song, enjoy a conversational exposition of a passage, and then spend time in corporate prayer together. 

This We Believe

Every Church has it's own distinctive differences and our church is no different. These are some of those topics and sermons to explain and encourage our understanding of these doctrines. 

Theology Matters

Orthodoxy effects Orthopraxy, right thinking causes right acting. More than this, however, right thinking actually effects our beliefs about God and therefore necessarily reflects our spiritual condition. So, theology really does matter. 


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We are "loosely" connected with the Southern Baptist Convention.