What to Expect?

A typical service starts at 9:30 with our worship leader, Josh Allred, opening our service with a congregational song. Afterwards, he welcomes us and leads us in corporate prayer together and then we stand together for more congregational singing (typically a mix of praise songs and hymns). Our pastor then invites us all to open our Bibles and preaches from it expounding on a text. At the end of the sermon the Pastor invites us all to take a few moments in silent prayer to consider for ourselves the truths just expressed from the Scriptures before he closes in prayer. Following that time, our worship leader will share a few announcements and then dismisses us.

What to Wear?

The simple answer to this question… clothes. Our pastor typically wears jeans or slacks, a button-up shirt, and a coat. Shorts are a typical sight here for many and others like to “tie-it-up” on occasion. All that matters to us is that you’re here with us, worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth.

What About Kids?

Yeah, we like them too… As a matter of fact we like kids so much that we want them to worship with us. There are many philosophies about this sort of thing so here’s our approach. We have a nursery available to anyone who needs it during the service. It’s equipped with a private changing room and baby toys as well as toddler toys. If you need child care, we’re more than happy to provide that too, but we feel that children should be apart of worship as early as possible—even if that means a hiccup from time to time. You know your child far better than we do, so we leave this decision, in your capable hands. Please feel free to read more about our philosophy of children and family by pressing HERE. (Link not available yet)

What About Money?

Here at Faith Covenant we don’t pass a plate, instead we have a simple box in the back of the room to receive any offerings. As our guest we want to make sure that you don’t feel obligated in any way to support the ministry here, that responsibility lies with the members of our church. So, please, come worship with us knowing that what we’re interested in is your presence and nothing more.

Got more questions? Well then why not send them our way and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability. 

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