When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. (1 Corinthians 13:11)
The Bible teaches that there are two stages in life; childhood and adulthood. The notion of adolescence is a contemporary cultural creation. Adolescence is some homogenous, unknown period of time when a person is no longer understood as a child, and yet not recognized as an adult. We reject this notion and opt for a more Biblical perspective. Around the time a child has reached puberty they are transitioning between childhood and adulthood. It’s at this time that we encourage parents to begin training their children to start thinking of themselves as adults. This also is why we encourage high-school students to join their parents in the adult Bible study as opposed to having another class for the adolescent age. The Scriptures teach the folly of wasting our youth on things that are of no value. We believe that adolescence is one of those philosophies of man that encourages just that.


To what lengths would you follow Christ? That’s Christianity’s question. In order to become a Christian to begin with this question is asked of you. Will you follow Christ more than your own desire? While you follow Christ into self-denial and serve no longer yourself but Him alone? Truly the concepts of both repentance and faith are bound up in that question. Will you turn away from following self and seek only to follow Christ? Will you trust Christ enough to put away all the other things you follow? The true Christian, upon conversion, was empowered to answer yes. Yes I will reject self and reject this world in order to follow hard after You God. To what lengths would you follow Christ? That’s Christianity’s question. Not merely at the beginning, but also along the way. The true Christian doesn’t follow Christ to one point and then says, alright, I’ve followed Him and now it’s my turn to lead. No, no, no. Christ is the head of His body. Christ is the leader of His household. Christ is the one who has every right to lead you into literally any and every situation you might find yourself. What’s more is that Christ, as He is the sovereign of creation, has lead you into all circumstances––it’s just our sinful hearts that fail to see that very point. So the call to the Christian who’s been a Christian for “x” number remains is to follow Christ every day. To what lengths would you follow Christ? That’s Christianity’s question; Not only for the one’s who needs initial salvation, Not merely for the one who is seeking to continue their walk with Him, But it is also the question of the Christian who is seeking to understand their walk with Christ. Let me explain. A person, a Christian, can become deceived into thinking that they are following Christ when in reality they are not. If you’re following Christ because He’s “leading" you where you already want to go, you’re not following Christ, you’re following yourself. To what lengths would you follow Christ? Would you follow Him if what He said you didn’t agree with? Would you follow Him if what He allowed didn’t seem loving? Would you follow Him into the pit of despair if that’s where His providence were to take you? King David said it plainly, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me…” In what capacity is Jesus with me there? Do I see Him as my companion in that moment, or is He my leader? To what lengths would you follow Christ? Would you be willing to walk into the valley of the shadow of death if you knew that’s where He was leading you? You see this is the question Christianity is always asking. Wether it’s the question that we’re empowered by the Holy Spirit to say yes to and therefore be accepted into the family of God; Or if it’s the question that reveals our intentions to follow Him only if He leads me by the still waters and no where else. How far would you follow Christ today? How deep would you be willing to “let" Him take you? How much of yourself would you “allow" Him to reveal to you, before you said that’s enough? This is Christianity’s question: To what lengths will––you––follow Christ?

Follow Christ