New Covenant Theology

A Hermeneutic New covenant theology, or progressive covenentalism is a hermeneutic, a lens as it were by which the scriptures and the gospel is viewed and understood. The essence of the this paradigm is that Jesus is the new lawgiver. How the covenants relate to each other is neither a “dispensational” view, nor a truly “classic covenantal” view. This perspective speaks to seeing the Old Covenant, not the Old Testament, as


We believe that a local expression of the body of Christ should be small, intimate. You should know and be known well by all members. The church is referred to in the Scriptures as a body, a house, a family. Each of these expressions are indicative of a healthy number of members to make sure it can run smoothly and operate well. Outside of the health of the body, the


Churches are to beget churches. We believe that instead of growing to a massive congregation where most people can only know a few of the members of the church, instead churches ought to be planting new churches once they reach a healthy size. Church planting is the number one means of evangelism as seen in the New Testament. Pauline missions was nothing more than preaching the gospel in a city,


Our highest and greatest authority is the Scripture, the 66 books of the Christian Bible. Only the words contained within it are what bind the conscience of the New Covenant believer. Being bible based means that everything we do, we seek to make sure that it is in line with the Scriptures. There’s an old latin phrase that we would joyfully adhere to; In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in


We believe that children should worship with us. Your child has a heart that is, unless reached with the gospel already, hard and in desperate need of Christ. Every week we gather together so that the message of the gospel might enlighten us and strengthen us for the coming week. Why would we then remove these little sponges from under the sound of that life-giving truth? Jesus said not to


To say that we hold God’s sovereign grace up as a distinctive is to say that we believe salvation is completely and totally in the hands of God. It is a “monergistic” work not a “synergistic work”. Meaning that God saves sinners without their help in the matter at all. We believe that mankind is totally depraved. We believe that God unconditionally elects some men and women to salvation. We


Being Christ-Centered means that at the center of everything we do and teach is the person and work of Jesus Christ. One thing that this means is that in every situation, we look to the gospel of Jesus Christ as the means of answering our deepest and greatest questions. In the gospel, which is the satisfactory life and substitutionary death of Jesus, we find our hope, our peace, and our