“Sanctify them in truth, Your Word is truth.”  John 17:17

Truth is the power for living a Godly life. Jesus defined truth for us in John 17:17, as the Word of God. Our job then is to seek out that truth and do all we can to come to a clear understanding of what it says and how we apply it in our context. This is the reason we as a church exist. Our mission is to connect the truth of the Word of God to the errors of this world. 

Replace Lies with Truth. 

A part of that connection is a need to identify and then replace lies that we believe with truth. It sounds easy, but it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. For example, when we sin we’re exchanging what truth we have for a lie that we’ve been given. One of the lies is that this sin will make me; happier, smarter, more pleased, more pleasurable, more accepted, etc. Sin cannot make us more happy, smarter, more pleased and so on, because it is treason against the God who created the world and everything in it. When we understand and believe the truth that God is the one who has sovereignly given us every good and pleasing gift, then to use those gifts to rebel is quite possibly the definition of foolishness. So we aim at identifying the lies we’ve been believing, and then replace them with the Word of God. 

To the Praise of His Glory

The truth is that everything that we aim at should be motivated to make much of the God who is worthy of all praise and adoration. To manifest the wonder of His name and greatness to those around us. We don’t add to the Glory of God.  We add spectators and we add focus upon the glory of God. By connecting truth with people’s lives we accomplish that aim of making much of God, since His Word reveals His glory. This is our mission, to live and to express the truth of God so clearly that the Holy Spirit might make much of Christ; Christ then might make much of the Father. Thereby the Father’s glory might be seen by more and more all across our personal context and beyond.