We here at Faith Covenant Church believe that the Word of God gives clear instruction that the church is to be lead by a plurality of elders. We do not believe in a chief among equals or the senior pastor model, but we do recognize that just like with the disciples there is varieties of giftedness within the body of Christ. We do recognize these varieties and seek to use the talents and gifts of our elders in a harmonious way. However, simply because there might be one elder that is more primarily the preacher, or another who teaches, or still another who administrates, the value and equality within the elder body is never diminished. 

Josh has been the pastor of Faith Covenant Church since January 20th, 2008. He’s seen and been apart of many changes through the years and most recently saw the church through a move from their original location from 1914 to their current location today. 

Josh married his high-school sweet-heart Sarah Bishop in June of 2005. They have two beautiful children, AJ and Jenna. Josh is a real down to earth sort of guy who loves the Lord, his family and the Lord’s church with every ounce of strength he has. 

In God’s providence Josh has Parkinson’s Syndrom which doesn’t ever seem to slow him down. By the mercies of God, Josh is virtually unaffected given that the medication he’s been given by the doctors abates most of every symptom of this otherwise debilitating condition. 

Josh truly desires to expend every fiber of his being connecting truth with people’s lives for the Glory of God.