Jeff and Lia’s youngest daughter is in the hospital today with bacterial pneumonia. Early this morning she woke up running a 104.4 temp and now the doctors want to watch her for the next 48 hours to see how she’s doing. Please be in prayer for the Hay’s family, especially little Heidi.


  • TONIGHT: The Ladies ministry is meeting starting at 6:15. Don’t miss it.
  • SUNDAY FEB. 5th: Come to church with a picnic lunch for your family plus one extra portion and we’ll all enjoy some time of fellowshipping together.
  • SATURDAY FEB. 11th: Two events for you couples…
    • From 11:45am to 2pm a marriage workshop sponsored by the new counseling ministry lead by Jeff Hays. The theme is “We Need to Talk” which will focus on marital conflict resolution.
    • Stating at 6pm the Annual Valentine’s Day Potluck Banquet. Don’t forget to bring a framed picture of you and your significant other.
  • SUNDAY FEB. 12th: Outreach Event “The Tech Help-Desk”. As a service to the community and a sly way to garner an audience, we’re offering free help with people’s technical issues and then we’ll be sharing with them the gospel as a part of a security and internet safety overview. Come if you wish. Invite those who need it. And pray that we’ll be effective witnesses for the gospel.
  • More information and events in February are planned… be on the look out for those.


For those who signed up to help with the cleaning ministry, this Wednesday night we’ll have a 5 minute walk through of those things you’ll need to know. Please try to attend. But if you can’t please let me know and I’ll send as much info to you as possible.
Thank you so much for signing up. And for those who have been doing it for a while now… Thank you SO much for your continued service to the Lord and His people.


Below you can listen to either Sunday’s sermon on the book of Esther or Wednesday’s “Lesson on Love”.

“When thou hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, then thou shalt bestir thyself.”

2 Samuel 5:24

The members of Christ’s Church should be very prayerful, always seeking the unction of the Holy One to rest upon their hearts, that the kingdom of Christ may come, and that his “will be done on earth, even as it is in heaven;” but there are times when God seems especially to favour Zion, such seasons ought to be to them like “the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees.” We ought then to be doubly prayerful, doubly earnest, wrestling more at the throne than we have been wont to do. Action should then be prompt and vigorous. The tide is flowing–now let us pull manfully for the shore. O for Pentecostal outpourings and Pentecostal labours. Christian, in yourself there are times “when thou hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees.” You have a peculiar power in prayer; the Spirit of God gives you joy and gladness; the Scripture is open to you; the promises are applied; you walk in the light of God’s countenance; you have peculiar freedom and liberty in devotion, and more closeness of communion with Christ than was your wont. Now, at such joyous periods when you hear the “sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees,” is the time to bestir yourself; now is the time to get rid of any evil habit, while God the Spirit helpeth your infirmities. Spread your sail; but remember what you sometimes sing–

“I can only spread the sail;

Thou! Thou! must breathe the auspicious gale.”

Only be sure you have the sail up. Do not miss the gale for want of preparation for it. Seek help of God, that you may be more earnest in duty when made more strong in faith; that you may be more constant in prayer when you have more liberty at the throne; that you may be more holy in your conversation whilst you live more closely with Christ.

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