We gather together for the sole purpose of worshipping our great and wonderful God; the creator of the world and redeemer of His people, Jesus Christ. As we believe that all of life is to be an act of worship, our gatherings aim at worship in a few different ways.


Discipleship is the act of making and shaping followers of Christ into the likeness of Christ. This is obviously done in many ways for sure, but the main means of enhancing a believer’s faith is through the ministry of the Word. (Romans 10:17). This is why the preaching and teaching of the Scriptures in an expository fashion is the main event for each of our gathers.


The ministry of evangelism is the act of communicating the truth of God’s great salvation offer in a clear and understandable way so that those who hear it and are empowered by the Spirit to receive it, might do just that. Evangelism is the means that God has sovereignly ordained for His offer of salvation to go forth. Therefore in an effort to be obedient to that call, and to worship God through His prescribed means, our pastor is sure to share the clear expression of the gospel in each of his sermons.

We do not use the often manipulative “alter-call”, not because we don’t desire people to come to faith in Christ or to make a public profession. Rather, the Scriptures teach that if a person is converted, their “public confession” is that of a life lived for God and not a solitary event. Baptism is also a means of public confession, though it is not required to be publicly performed.



Fellowship is not the gathering of Christians. Fellowship is the gathering of Christians for the sake of glorifying God. Christian fellowship can happen anywhere and around any activity, as long as the aim of the hearts involved is God’s glory. Gathering together for worship then, if the hearts of the worshippers is set to the glory of God, occurs every Sunday. Corporate singing and corporate prayer are means of focusing our time together on God’s glory. Therefore, these are elements of our gatherings together.


We worship God through discipleship, through evangelizing the lost, and through fellowshipping with other brothers and sisters. Each of these measures is a means of worship and each are means of ministering to other believers. But the role of the church gatherings as it relates to this concept of ministry is not an expression of worship through ministry, but rather preparation for it. Our gatherings have as a secondary aim, the primary being worship, the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry. (Ephesians 4:11-14)

Each believer that enters through the doors of our meeting place have been ordained to gather so that they might corporately worship our Lord through; not only receiving blessing, and being a blessing to those around them in the moment; but also through equipping them to go out into the world and be that blessing to others.We are excited to have you visit and gather with us as we worship and serve our great God, together.