"Light From the Shadows" is a 39 week series that Josh has embarked upon in September of 2016. Each week the congregation prepares for the next message by reading the book that's going to be covered that upcoming Sunday. Josh has and will be maintaining a personal conviction about preaching exegetical sermons in spite of the overview mentality of this series. His plans are to still exposit individual passages, but coupled with the exegesis each week, he's planning on either providing a historical explanation, defense or a purposeful summary of the entire book. Ultimately the lens by which the Old Testament is meant now to be read and understood is as a revelation of the Messiah, Jesus. This then is "the" rubric for interpretation. Won't you join us Sundays at 9:30am as Josh leads us on this journey discovering Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament.


"The Surpassing Supremacy of Christ" was a sermon series taught over the course of about 2 years. Josh exposited the book of Hebrews one verse or phrase at a time. The entire series can be searched based on passage or viewed in order. We hope that you are blessed by these recordings.