I can’t imagine that this post will have any lasting impact on things transpiring in our world, but being compelled to say something, I use my tiny platform with great caution. What follows is a polemical treatise in hopes that harsh and rational words might wake someone up to the utter foolishness taking place. The ultimate problem that we as people have is not our political or lifestyle beliefs, the greater issue with mankind is we are all transgressors of God’s holy law and therefore need redemption from Jesus Christ. Through His finished work on the cross, all those who live in sin, can find peace and forgiveness if they will turn from their passions for anything less than Christ, and trust that Jesus is God and has offered them the gift of eternal life. Now to my fictitious letter…

To the liberal transgender extremists,

The barrage of transgender men seeking to compete and live as women, although must be—“profoundly complementing” to the female gender as a whole, has gone to the extent of science-fiction. I’m the pastor of a small conservative baptist congregation and seek to teach my family, our church, and others that I come in contact with the value of loving people for the sake of the gospel in spite of their sin. In such I feel the whole, let’s eat Chick-Fil-A when there’s another homosexual issue, an abomination. Instead of boycotting Disney for their homosexual week, we should share the love and redemptive sacrifice of Christ that has the infinite power to transforms lives. That being said, the liberal transgender extremist position is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!

While reading an article recently about another 50 year old man being permitted to change his birth certificate to indicate he’s now a she, I read these words, “…biology doesn’t determine sex…” I began to laugh. Instantly I was transported back to my high-school biology class. I thought surely you can’t be serious. Surely no educated individual actually said those words. I got the giggles––we’ve actually come this far in our society where fundamental elements of nature, empirical sensory observable data, is being rejected for fantasy. David Hume should be rolling over in his grave. We are living in a day where, if we were logically consistent, anyone who didn’t identify with being restrained by gravity should be allowed to jump off the Empire State Building. No matter the carnage or effect it might have on those around him, this man identifies with birds, not people.

The liberal transgender extremist might say however, that I’m not comparing apples to apples. “There’s no risk to anyone when a 50 year old man shares a locker room and sauna with girls as young as 6. They won’t be effected at all by seeing his biological genitals––after all it’s what he identifies with, that’s what those 6 year olds should come to understand.” To which I say; the logically consistent parallel is that the bird/man’s decimated remains are perfectly fine for any 6 year old to be subjected to. After all, it’s his right not to identify with natural laws. The only difference however, is that if the 6 year old saw the gruesome remains of this fool, they might learn a thing or two about the laws of nature––that they cannot and should not be trifled with.

So I laughed. I laughed because less than five years ago something like this would have been a skit on Saturday Night Live. Because, as a kid watching Scott Backula in the show Quantum Leap, the absolute funniest episodes were always the ones where he took the place of a woman and had to try to hide it. At least in “Just One of the Guys” Joyce Hyser did everything possible to hide her gender in the locker room so she could keep her scholarship. Now we’re not laughing any more. Now this is the society that I must raise my son and daughter in.

So––to keep from loosing my mind at the utter foolishness of the idiotic acceptance of this phrase, “biology doesn’t determine sex” I have to laugh. I have to think that Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, C-SPAN, they’re all just punking us. Ashton Kutcher is going to pop out from behind one of these cameras one of these days and say we’ve been had. The hard reality is, that’s not at all what’s happening. Instead the moronic, asinine, dimwitted, brainless, imbecilic, stupid people with their witless, feebleminded, vacuous, birdbrained non-logic are shoving people out of the windows of skyscrapers insisting that their fantasy is reality.

So please forgive me for my chuckles at your stupidity, it’s my coping mechanism for the destruction of society that is being heralded as ground-breaking civil liberty. Please be tolerant of my rant for I am merely identifying with the concept of frustration and bafflement of the replacement of rational, logical, and empirical evidence for the sake of a fool’s imagination. Do bear with me as I merely seek to push back against your fantasy for the sake of my desire to raise my children the way I want them raised and not the way you want them raised. I understand that it might be a little hard for you to grasp, liberal transgender extremist, that I don’t want my son to grow up thinking it’s okay for men to pretend to be girls, but I don’t. And for at least right now, thank God, I am still afforded that right as an American.


A Flabbergasted Father
Joshua E. Bishop

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